Teresa McBrine

Playground Bully


My older sister Sabrina is the pride of my mother. She came out a princess and is now a certified beauty pageant queen. Mom is convinced she will be Miss Universe someday. My father was hoping that after all the ribbons and lace he would be rewarded when I came along. I would be the ball-catching, mud loving boy he had dreamt of, obviously things didn’t turn out quite the way he hoped. While he loves me there is obviously some distance between us that he has never been able to come to terms with.
So lost somewhere between the ribbons and lace that would draw my mother’s attention, and the football chucking that would maybe bring my dad around is where you will find me. Not sure where I fit, knowing that I can’t live up to either parent’s expectations I have turned that hurt outward to the other kids. When you can’t feel good at home then you conquer the kids on the playground. Makes you feel good about yourself, well at least for a little bit.


Teresa McBrine

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