A garishly colored overgrown insect


What can my monster do:

Hit location 1-3 – Wings, 8d

  • Useful (flying)
  • Useful (glows in dark)
  • Defense
    *Wicked fast x2
    *Tough x2
    *Distract x1

Hit location 4-6 – Tail, d10
*Useful (fear inducing poison)
*Useful (hold things)
*Attack x2
*Gnarly x2

Hit location 7-8 – Proboscis, d7
*Useful (Inject memories)
*Useful (Acid spittle)
*Attack x2

Hit location 9-10 – Body, d8
*Tough x2


My monster’s name: Flutterby
My monster’s appearance: A garishly colored, over-grown insect with long proboscis and a devil tail
My monster’s personality: I am bad, well more like evil and very self serving.
My monster’s favorite thing: Tears, because they are delicious
My monster’s favorite way to hide: Morph into a butterfly, especially a plain white one

I am incredibly self-serving and simply won’t do something if I can’t see the way that it will benefit me. I enjoy being with my kid and protect her because she is very good at getting me my most favorite thing, fresh, juicy tears.


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