Age: Eternal
Hair: Maybe
Eyes: Blood-red fire
Body type: Sleek and ineffable
Child: Megan
Hides as a cute sticker.


Wings of gathering shadow.
Eyes of burning hate.
Form of cryptic beauty.
Touch is pain that won’t abate.

Megan found it in the tack room behind a spare saddle in desperate need of repair, which was surprising since she was looking for an old carrot she’d accidentally thrown inside when her pudgy fist hand bumped her leg as she hurried between the stalls and who ever expects to meet their very best friend ever some place like that?

For those who can see, Nimer is about nineteen hands at the withers, though the immense raven-like wings would make an accurate measurement difficult. Even if Nimer didn’t rip their guts out on a whim. His/her/its hide is a void-like black, though where light falls on it “flames” of red, blue, and purple play across it similar to an opal. His/her/its eyes are pits of crimson fire. His/Her/its mane and tail are purple flame. Long, sharp fangs like living obsidian fill his mouth and the ground smolders where her hooves touch.

He/She/It likes to hide though. Amongst all Megan’s pony stickers, one of them is keeping watch with a wide pastel eye and listening with an adorable ear. Until Megan needs him/her/it.


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