Triple 'T' Littan

Catfish Eel with eight tentacle arms, large, dark fishy eyes, wide toothy mouth and a long, long tail. Eats your socks and then hides in a box.


My Monster’s Name: Triple ‘T’ Littan (A.K.A. The Thing That Lurks In The Toybox At Night)

My Monster’s Appearance: Catfish Eel with Long, long slithery tail, 8 tentacle arms, big round fishy eyes, and wide toothy mouth

My Monster’s Personality: Sinister and Slithery

My Monster’s Favorite Thing: Socks. Nice, Tasty Socks.

My Monster’s Favorite Way To Hide: In Boxes, Especially any box that is considered a toybox.

Relationships that My Monster has Stolen or Borrowed:
None…. so far….

What My Monster Can Do
Hit Location Numbers and Name DICE Qualities and Extras
(1-4) Long Slithery Tail
8d6 Dice

+0 Useful: Swimming
+1 Shared: Swimming
+2 Wicked Fast
+1 Useful: Slithering
+1 Attack: Tail Sweep
+2 Awesome
+2 Tough
+3 Area (Big Tail Sweep Attack, will knock your socks off!)

(5-7) Big Penetrating Eyes
5d6 Dice

+0 Attack: Hypnotic Charm (You want to give me your socks!)
+3 Spray: Hypnotic Charm (You ALL want to give me your socks!)
+3 Aim: Hypnotic Charm (…especially YOUR socks!)
+1 Share: Hypnotic Charm (yes… share the tasty socks!)
+2 Awesome
+1 Useful: See Unvisible Things, i.e. not things that are hidden or obstructed from sight, but things that are normally not visible, such as auras, astral or ethereal presences, or a smell or vibration.

(8-9) Dexterous Tentacles
7d6 Dice

+0 Useful: Hold (lots of socks)
+1 Useful: Tangle
+1 Defends: Slaps stuff away (bad stuff that isn’t socks)
+1 Tough

(10) Large Fish-Toothed Maw
2d6 Dice

+0 Attack: Bite (Especially Socks, but any footwear will do in a pinch, as long as it contains socks.)
+2 Awesome (Socks are always Awesome)
+1 Gnarly (Some socks are even Gnarly! Mmmmm… Gnarly Tasty Socks!!)


Triple 'T' Littan

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