Ms. Reece

Centennial Middle School Resource Room Teacher


Ms. Reece has been the Resource Room teacher at Centennial Middle School for the last 15 years.
The happy, compassionate, caring young substitute the district hired to replace the former Resource Room teacher has been ground down by the constant fight against the forces of educational bureaucracy.

She runs a class in a room designed for 10 students, but has 14 pupils. Half of the per student special education funding is being misappropriated by the school district. Her last two Para-teachers where fired, one for drinking, the other for filing one-to-many grievances. Half her students come from dysfunctional families, two are probably being abused, and her class has become the dumping ground of children who behaviourally act out.

Against this, Reece wages a one woman war against those which have written her students off. She’s tired, lonely, bitter & cynical. And if she gets called into a meeting with the principal and the superintendent to discuss the complaints of her students constantly talking about monsters and what exactly she is teaching in her classroom, she may break down weeping.

But damn it, these are her kids and they deserve the best she can do for them.


Ms. Reece

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