Megan Pommier


Age: 7
DOB: 8-7-07
Hair: Blonde, long and curly
Eyes: Brown
Body type: Short and pudgy
Parents: Rodney and SuEllen
Grade: 2
Monster: Nimer
Speaks with a lisp


Megan is the child of two Surgical Oncologists. Left home most of the time with her teenage nanny Lindsey, Megan feels closer to the barn horses than she does to any human being. Lindsey takes advantage of the Pommier’s collection of horses and often leaves Megan to her own devises as she takes one horse after another on joy rides.

Megan usually spends her time feeding carrots to her favorite horses and reading any book she can get her hands on while sitting on a bale of hay.

Due to the isolation at home Megan has a hard time making friends. She’s quiet and shy, preferring to let Nimer do her talking for her…however she runs into the problem that no one else can hear him…

The transition from Private to Public school was a last ditch effort on the Pommier’s side. They couldn’t understand why or how their daughter got into so much trouble. She should have been perfect! What doctor’s child isn’t? And BOTH her parents were doctors! How could she be such a hassle?

Megan didn’t understand how the incident escalated so quickly but Jimmy shouldn’t have called her a pink piggy or made that piggy face at her…or hurt her feelings by snorting. Nimer doesn’t like it when she cries…

Now Mommy and Daddy have to send her to public school until they can find another private school that would take her…

Megan Pommier

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