Centennial District Facilities & Environmental Service Specialist


A short, hirsute Eastern European, Boz is never seen without a Centennial Middle School jumpsuit on. He is an ever present figure at the school, mopping, cleaning, and tending to the building. His dark eyes always seem to be on a student up to no good.

However, due to his unfortunate last name, his difficult to pronounce first name, even the Faculty refers to him as Boz. This, coupled with his heavy accent, and the malformed right ear and shrapnel scars barely covered by his his balding hair make him an object of pity and scorn by the students.

Monsters, on the other hand, feel uncomfortable around Boz. It like he knows they are there…..


BOŽIDAR came to the United States during the Balkan War.
His Village was located in Bosnia, and was mostly populated by Croats.
He speaks Czech, Croat, Serb, French, Russian, Farsi, and Dutch, as well as passable English.


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