h2. Welcome to Centennial Elementary & Middle School

Our Combined Elementary & Middle School is one of the Crown Jewels of the Centennial, Oregon Unified School District. Located North of Rockwood, between Fairview, Oregon & the Portland Metro Area.

Combining grades K through 8th Grade, the Elementary & Middle School is a model for modern education, with great attention paid to ensuring efficient operations, cost effective programming, and maintaining a proper, responsive Teacher Union to School District relationship.

Here at Centennial, we believe on bringing out the best Discipline in our students, education centered on Family Values, appropriate appreciation of the diverse Cultural Background of our community, and instilling strong, tireless values of Citizenship.


Ah Centennial, Oregon. A little slice of the worst of Clackamas County on the wrong side of Portland.
A formerly majority Conservative Caucasian community, now threatened by African-Americans being pushed out of Portland, Latin-Americans & Asian-Americans who have immigrated to the area, and more meth labs than any other part of the Metro Area.

Worse, your school is run by a School Council that are primarily Tea Partiers, The Superintendent frequently wears a ā€œIā€™m with Sarah!ā€ cammo T-shirt with a pink State of Alaska shape on the back to Pep Rallies, The PTA is currently arguing for school uniforms & weather to reintroduce corporal punishment, and the Centennial Schools Booster Association is happy that the district “found” over 22,000 dollars to improve the football field at a school where the most popular sport is Soccer.

On top of all this, you are stuck in a resource room that covers 2nd through 8th graders.

In this place, a kid needs a friend. In your case, for better or for worse, your friend is a Monster.

The Autumn of Our Discontent

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